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"Rubber Suit Man" Photograph by David Brommer

Legendary Speakers


LEMPA speakers are specially selected to represent  the current state 

of fetish, erotic and fine art nude photography. All speakers are published 

and have gallery representation. 


They are diverse, influential and experts in sharing their work 

in slide show lecture & workshop format.

They are sought after and respected in these niche markets.


Steve Diet Goedde

Connie Imboden

Vince Hemmingson

Marne Lucas

David George Brommer

and special guests



David George Brommer

Founder of LEMPA and

Suspect Photography

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DAVID GEORGE BROMMER is a New York City based photographer specialized in alternative culture. In the mid-90's David was the creative mind behind Suspect Photography, a studio-gallery acclaimed for exhibiting maverick and emerging photographers. David's fascination with dark subject matter and the use of religious and mythological elements in his compositions resulted in an aesthetically unique body of work. He is well versed in techniques ranging from pixels to platinum and enjoys using a wide range of camera gear to obtain the final image. During the past two decades, his extensive oeuvre has been widely shown across the country in several solo and collective exhibitions. In recent years, David has become a sought-after speaker on matters of contemporary photography as well as technical teaching. Among others, David has taught seminars at the ICP, The Maine Media Workshops, and nationwide industry conventions as well as serving as the Director of Large Scale Events at B&H Photo Video & Pro Audio in NYC. In this capacity for the past 22 years David has founded the B&H Edu Advantage Program, the B&H Event Space and the OPTIC and Depth of Field Conferences. 


Steve Diet Goeddee

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Steve Diet Goedde was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri and learned the basics of darkroom work and photography from his father, who was an amateur photographer. By the age of 13, Steve was obsessed with taking photographs and started educating himself about photographers that inspired him, most notably Richard Avedon, Lillian Bassman, and Diane Arbus.


He moved to Chicago in 1985 to attend the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where he studied filmmaking and painting.


In 1998, photography publisher Edition Stemmle published a collection of Steve's Chicago work entitled "The Beauty of Fetish" detailing his fascination with such fetishistic fashion elements as latex, leather, and PVC. Later that same year, he moved to Los Angeles where he started a series of photographs which would later become "The Beauty of Fetish: Volume II" (2001), also from Edition Stemmle.

In 2009, Steve has collaborated with French composer Robert Waechter on a CD entitled "GoeddeConcerto" (ReadyMade Music) in which the ConcertMaster of the Philharmonic of Nice, France interprets 21 of Steve's photographs into 21 mini-concertos.

Steve celebrated his 25 years of photography in 2015 with the publishing of the first of his 3-volume book retrospective entitled "ARRANGEMENTS" (Century Guild). Steve's new 2019 book, "EXTEMPORE" (Circa Press), features candids and intimate outtakes from his many years of photoshoots. Steve Diet Goedde currently lives on the west side of Los Angeles.


Connie Imboden

Over thirty years of photographing the same subject may sound limiting, but I have found it to be immensely rewarding and rich.  While my interest in photographing the nude reflected in mirrors and water has not changed, my life experiences continue to shape the forms and reflections I see through the lens so the images continue to evolve.


I have been working on two approaches to the nude reflected: reflected in water often with the camera underwater, and reflected in scratched, broken and partially de-silvered mirrors.


These images are seen through the camera, discovered through years of looking at reflections.  I am not fundamentally opposed to altering the image through darkroom or computer manipulation, but it is the act of exploring with my eyes that brings the intuitive process to its full potential for me.


Intuition is an integral part of the creative process for me. When I make an image that becomes a “keeper,” it is because I have made a leap from what I know to an unfamiliar place full of intrigue that my conscious mind could not have taken me.  The intuitive process takes me to the edge of what I know and, more interestingly, to the edge of what I don’t know.


Marne Lucas

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MARNE LUCAS aka CuntemporaryArtist is a multidisciplinary artist based in New York, whose creative investigations are at the intersection of art, feminism and health, working in conceptual overlaps: beauty, the body, identity, intimacy and mortality. She frequently employs sexual metaphor with a sense of humor while pushing personal, political or visual boundaries. Marne uses thermal imaging technology in photography and video to reference surveillance culture and the fragility of human existence, beginning with the cult erotic short film THE OPERATION (1995).


Marne works on both sides of the camera and is known for stylistic, on-location portraiture celebrating the body in her ongoing series Velour Girls, Mandwich, and Sitting City artist portraits, and her MLSP self-portraiture series. A sex worker activist, Lucas co-curated the Danzine Retrospective with Teresa Dulce as part of At The Mercy Of Others: The Politics of Care, organized by the 2004-05 Whitney Museum ISP Fellows.

Lucas has been published in Playboy, Penthouse, Maxim, Skin Two, Fetish, Hustler’s Leg World, and exhibits extensively in the U.S. and abroad, such as Uncensored Festival (London, U.K) and Hotter Than July: A Sexploration (NYC). As a model (aka Gina Velour) she has collaborated with erotica luminaries Steve Diet Goedde, Richard Kern, Charles Gatewood, and has appeared in many books, publications, films and music videos. Marne is co-founder of Cuntemporary Artists Presents, a New York-based feminist artist collective.


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More Speakers Coming Soon

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Stay Tuned, LEMPA is adding compelling speakers


Vince Hemingson

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Vince Hemingson is a Vancouver-based photographer, writer and filmmaker.   He is widely travelled, having been to more than ninety countries around the world in pursuit of research, travel and adventure. 

During the 90’s and early 2000’s, his research into the history, social significance and popular culture of tattooing resulted in several documentary films, a number of books and the creation of the largest tattoo-related website on the internet.  The Vanishing Tattoo documentary film was broadcast on National Geographic International and seen in more than a hundred countries. 


His award winning fine art photography has been widely published and exhibited around the world. 

Whether his medium is words, film or still images, Hemingson considers himself first and foremost a story teller.   He is currently working on his second book of photography, Nude in the Landscape, and in addition to his commercial and fine art photography business, he teaches photography workshops, seminars and tutorials.  

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