Dawn of LEMPA

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

And thus it begins. LEMPA. Five words: Light, Eros, Muse, and Photography Arts. Let's start with Light, because that is greek for photo. It is with light that we paint our images with, those photons on films and sensor. Eros, because that is what turns us on, the deep end of appreciation with its forms that inspire us to create. The Muse, because the muse becomes the personification of the art and motivates us to create. That is LEMPA.

Brommer's Last Supper

A conference dedicated to a genre of photography that everyone loves, but is ignored on the great stages of photo education and relegated to back room collecting. LEMPA will dialog about the current state of erotia, festish and fine art photography. What this genre is capable of, and a full manifesto will be presented that exhibit the genre's best practices. Technology will be at explored, with the latest cameras, lights and tools exhibited. LEMPA will submit this to the photographic community and lead the way to further legitimize and define eros is photography. A first of first, LEMPA 2019 will celebrate the muse by providing a panel discussion giving the models a voice. A spectrum of talent showcasing the best examples converging on NYC for a weekend. And the attendees of LEMPA 2019 being forever influenced.

Stacy with 74 Needles by Brommer

The conference is designed to be inclusive to the attendees, offering three ways to engage LEMPA with, a celebration, slide shows and lectures and finally a full workshop where the lessons can be put to the test and serious work created.

That is the alpha and omega of LEMPA.

Be with us, October 4th, 5th and 6th 2019 as we celebrate, collaborate and inspire a new community at the dawn of LEMPA.


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