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LEMPA Mission Statement

Light Eros Muse Photography Arts seeks to elevate fine art nude and erotic photography by presenting the subject matter in a responsible and ethical manner. 


Too often this subject matter has been associated with taboo and pornography and has been shunned by mainstream society and media as a result. LEMPA will rectify that by giving leading photographers and models working in the genre a platform to showcase their process and work while establishing a benchmark  definition that raises the genre alongside the accepted disciplines. 


Now, more so than ever, in the age of #MeToo it is of dire importance that the genre be defined and best practices exemplified to ensure that the subject matter is not degraded further. Early champions such as Helmut Newton, Robert Mapplethorpe and Ruth Bernhard are accepted examples, but the new generation is being neglected due to contemporary stigmatism of the genre. LEMPA will light the way forward for this genre to fulfill its rightful place alongside accepted disciplines such as landscape, fashion, journalism and traditional portraiture in photography.  

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